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security deposit and key return

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security deposit and key return

Postby jenv » Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:30 pm

If anyone can give me any advice or tell me of an inexpensive source for some advice, I would appreciate it.

I have been living with 3 girls in an apartment I found through Craigslist since November. We had no contract, no agreement for the time I would stay, their lease is up July 31st and I have been paying month to month. On March 5th, I emailed them that I had put in an application to another apartment and would likely be moving out at the end of the month so they should begin looking for a new roommate. They replied that they would wait until my application was approved to begin looking. On March 10th I verbally told one roommate that my application was approved and I would be moving out. On March 15th I emailed all of them to say I was moving out the next weekend and would be giving them my keys then, in exchange for my security deposit. They responded that because I did not give 30 days notice, I would not be getting my full security deposit back, but it would be pro-rated to March 15th. Additionally, they would not be giving me any money until my replacement gave their security deposit. I protested that this did not seem fair and if they insisted on pro-rating the security deposit, it should be for March 5th. They then responded that they would concede to March 10th. I continued to protest and they supposedly consulted a lawyer who advised them that they did not need to give me any security deposit back and I should be returning my keys when I moved out. Two roommates and I then discussed things, agreeing that my security deposit should be pro-rated to the date someone else moved in, but reassessing the situation as it continued. I moved out all my things on March 22. I got a text message today (March 27th) that I needed to return my keys immediately. I called my roommate to state that I would not be returning my keys until I got my security deposit back since technically they were saying that I was financially responsible for the apartment, I would like to maintain access to it. She asserted that the keys were the property of the roommates and I was legally obligated to return them when I moved out, regardless of the security deposit. We agreed that I definitely did not have to return them before March 31st, since I have paid rent through then, but disagree on when I have to return them after that (when my security deposit would be paying rent). Any advice?
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