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Mentally unstable neighbor

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Mentally unstable neighbor

Postby APPBURY » Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:51 pm

I have been living next door to a mentally unstable neighbor for many, many years. She is very disruptive, by yelling and screaming profanity to an imaginary person, at all hours of the night and day. In addition she bangs on wall slams doors at any given time. I have complained to the management office, that she should be placed in a hospital where she can be properly taken care of. I have also been to Landlord tenants court where the judge threaten to evict her if she continues this type of behavior. As a result she was given a 1 yr. probation. Needless to say she continues to be disruptive and the problem has and still exist. Again I have complained to the management office about this situation and still I have not gotten any satisfaction. My question is how do I get a resolution to this problem. Do I have grounds to sue both my neighbor as well as my management for breach of lease agreement which states they are legally bound to provide sufficient quality of life as a tenant. Can anyone advise me of my rights!!!
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Postby ronin » Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:40 pm

The phrase is quiet enjoyment...

The problem is that if she is certifiably nuts then she is protected from discrimination due to her disability. That might explain the judge and management's attitude.

If she is not really a threat to herself or others she will most likely be entitled to continue as she has been.
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