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Dangerous falling tree on HDFC property?

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Dangerous falling tree on HDFC property?

Postby jkgal » Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:58 am


There's a huge, partially felled tree which will likely crash into the building in which I live, or cause other trees, etc. to do so when/ if it completely falls. I contacted 311 online about 5 days ago - nothing, as yet (although at the time I thought the tree belonged to a building privately owned, I thought contacting 311 would nevertheless be worthwhile, in case I was wrong). My neighbor, however, thinks the tree belongs to a building which is an HDFC building (I found the deed online). LL doesn't seem to be doing much, if anything to solve the problem - i.e., the tree's still there.

If the tree indeed is on the HDFC property, who is responsible for making sure it is properly dealt with as regards the safety of others, etc.?

In other words, who can I instruct my LL to urgently call? I know, they should do this, but they don't live in a building or have windows about to be punctured by a tree!

Thanks in advance for any information.
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