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Can landlord use any old discharged cases to evict me?

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Can landlord use any old discharged cases to evict me?

Postby emclarks » Mon Jul 18, 2016 5:20 am

Hello friends!
I am not sure if this is a right place to discuss this, but I need every help I can get. So please help me if it is possible. I am of Canadian origin moved here a few years back. I am legally an American now and I have a decent job in a well known company. All these years, I have been staying at this place and I am paying the rent according to the contract. A few months back, my landlord asked for a heavily increased rent and we got into a small fight as it wasn't affordable to me. Also law was with me, so he had no voice. recently, I came to know that he is trying to use some old charges I had faced during my Canadian life against me. That was an old assault accusation by a neighbor which was later discharged due to lack of evidence. I even got to New York after that. So I am thinking I am safe. But I am a little worried about the fact that my landlord was able to find out about it and trying to use it. can someone advise me about it? Am I safe? Is there anything I should do?
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