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Help! renting from a slumlord in Buffalo!!

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Help! renting from a slumlord in Buffalo!!

Postby ferglc80 » Thu Oct 23, 2008 1:08 pm

Im living in Buffalo NY and as you prob know we are famous for our cold weather.

I am living in an apartment that I moved into in May. There are a list of things that are wrong/broken with the space.
For example the fridge broke, and was replaced with one that runs but is missing parts. Such as the plastic part on the bottom, the shelves on the door (it has duct tape bands holding the food in)and the fruit/veg drawers are falling apart.

The ceiling leaks. He has "fixed" it only for it to leak the next time it rains. It leaves the carpet and my love seat smelling of mildew.

Some of the window panes are broken letting in a serious draft and there are no storm windows.

The shower knobs have fallen off and he has replaced them with knobs that dont fit leaving a constant flow of water that run out of the tub and on the floor whenever the shower is run.

The mailbox have no locks.

And last but not least the only source of heat in the place is large heater in the corner of the living rooms. It has no thermostat and only a on and off switch. I feel like by using this I am only going to be asking for a rediculous gas bill.

what do i do?
are any of these things his resposibility? or am i just freaking out for no reason?
if he keeps putting off doing the work, do i have the right to break my lease?
is he responsible for putting in a thermostat? and repaying us for all the food that was lost???

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