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Tenant in Westchester County Needs Advise IMMEDIATELY, Pleas

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Tenant in Westchester County Needs Advise IMMEDIATELY, Pleas

Postby TenantinNEED » Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:26 pm

Hi I am in a very distressed situation and I need help. My upstairs neighbor since the week I moved into the apartment building has been harassing me and my fiance who moved in two months after I did initially.

Our problem occured after the first week, a police officier was knocking on the door and advised us that the neighbor upstairs from us had called about loud music, this was about 3 PM on a Saturday. I was cleaning the apartment and my radio was on, a little small radio that can only go so loud.

I am not a person who likes loud music or lots of noise so I knew that I was being targeted at that moment. Several days past and again the police was at my door, this time my television also a small 19' was the cause this time. Within hours another police officier was knocking and so it continues still this day.

To make this even more crazy, before moving in my fiance was the rental agent for the buildings and we came in contact with the people who we now live below. They seemed at that time professional, well respected people, little did we know they were actually evil people with nothing better to do than to make people's lives miserable. We befriended them by adding their website as a link to ours in hopes of helping them get clients, they never returned the favor for us, though.

We have had the police called on us so much that we now are well received at the police department and with the lietuant of the police department, go figure. Anyway, as of yesterday we were to appear in a Rye Court that had no jurisdiction over our City but we, my fiance and I appeared anyway. This couple had filed a small claims suit against us for a money judgement for two months of their rents.

At 7:30 PM we were faced with the Judge and was told that a fax came in and in the fax letter the people claimed that they were not at court because they feared for their lives, that we had made death threats, we had made outrageous conduct and for their safety they withdrew the claim. What BS!

Infact they had even started a claim previously but we were never notified and the Judge noticed that last evening. Also on the fax letter she stated "We were advised by the Detectives Unit that they should have no contact with us". Well on today we went to the police department only to find out that they never made a report with any detective in their unit. So I am wondering that since they sent this letter to the Judge if it is contempt of the courts for lying to the Judge and also for slander and defemation of our character? We need to know what we can do to resolve this problem it has gone way to long and for some reason mangement needs more power to put these two corrupts out of the building.

They have not only harrassed us but other tenants but we are the ones that are being hit hard by these two people. They are the owners of a security company in Greenwich and claim to be millionaires living in modest quarters, hog wash if you asked me. Everyone's business is theirs. Now I don't have complete proof but other neighbors notice a red flashing light from their windows and we have suspected that they are video-taping the parking lot and the tenants.

Listen, you may think I am exaggerating but believe I am not, we feel we are being watched and listened to as well. Why? Well when you walk from one side of the room they follow, when you flush your toliet, they flush, when we are showering, guess what their show just happens to come on and better yet because my fiance is diabetic he uses the bathroom alot and guess what happens, yes, the toliet flushes at 2, 3, 5, AM in the mornings.

Now we hear that they have done this before and nobody knows what to do other than call management but mangement knows oh so well about these people and have been in court with them over and over again.
These people were suing management for "pubic hairs" in the clothes dryer in the common area. Go figure.

My Fiance are very well respected by the majority of the tenants in three 3 buildings. We have never done these people anything but show them respect and tried to be business associates with them. We have never called them out of their names like they have done us, we have never tried to cohorts them into saying that they would kill us like they tried to do and we have never called the police 40 times on them.

The times I called the police is when they started jumping up and down on their floors and dropping things on the floor above me. I had just walked in the house and less than 5 minutes this happens and because they can see from their window that my fiance was not accompanying me.

So how do you stop these people? Enough is enough and though we have tried everything including mediation, these people think they are above the law so therefore we need alternatives.

People like these two whom to others may seem extremely professional, nice, concern and "rich", should know the real deal about them especially since their business is security of homes and they have full access to homeowners in Greenwich, Stamford, NYC and other areas and to top it off these people personal contents.

I would like to get help with this situation and help as soon as possible. We appreciate any advice and would like to find out if anyone else has encountered tenants like this before.
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Postby TenantNet » Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:37 pm

Could you clarify. You say your fiancee is/was the rental agent.

You also say the neighbors "filed a small claims suit against us for a money judgment for two months of their rents."

So are you the landlord or do you have any relationship with the landlord or managing company?

Or are you just regular tenants? You put too much information here.
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Westchester County

Postby TenantinNEED » Thu Oct 30, 2008 8:41 pm

Thanks for replying I know I vented way to much... Anyway my fiancee was the agent for the building until this all happen. We are regular renters as are the neighbors, we all pay rent here. My fiancee's relationship with management solely was to rent out their apartments for them and he did a great job with that. I hope I clarified some of it. :D I hope that you can advise on what to do.
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Nosey neighbors

Postby Emeraldstar » Thu Oct 30, 2008 10:03 pm

Hi All
From the sound of your post I would contact an atty for a consult. Save all paperwork & bring it. See if the precinct can offer any confirmation of their visits. 40 times & bogus court seems excessive to me :roll: Good Luck
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Tenant in Westchester County Needs Advise IMMEDIATELY, Pleas

Postby TenantinNEED » Thu Oct 30, 2008 10:12 pm

Thank you for your comment. :D
We are consulting an Attorney tomorrow in hopes that we can seek damages. This situation has effected our livelyhoods as well as peace and enjoyment. I hope others won't have to be tolerant as we have had to be. By the way we were told tonight by long term tenants that this has happen before to other African Americans who either lived next door to him or below him and management has been aware of this. I hate to play the race card but how else who one conceive this?
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