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Seeking help with LL-Tenant issue

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Seeking help with LL-Tenant issue

Postby BooD » Thu Feb 12, 2009 1:13 pm

Ill try to keep this simple and to the point. My roommate is a disabled vet with PTSD. The last time she went to the office she "exchanged words" with the landlord.

She told me that when she entered the office they were all laughing. They then said to her "we were just talking about you." Enter full blown PTSD symptoms.

She has this "habit" of dumpster diving. (Which I do not condone) They told her to stay out of the dumpsters. She agreed. All the people in the office laughed. In her defense she not the only one here who does it. Many do.

I am aware that she once again complained about the dishwasher. (The heating coil turns bright red, melts object and glass shatters.) He refused to do anything about it. She told the manager that repairing the dishwasher was his job! He stated it was not. He told her that if she was so unhappy to leave. He then said he was going to evict her (us). She told him she just wanted the dishwasher fixed. One of the maintenance men piped up and made the suggestion of disconnecting the heating coil. The manager said, “No”. I think he realized he had no basis to evict us as our rent is always paid on time. He then stated that he would not evict us but that they would not be renewing our lease.

We are both on SSD and I have a child living here also. We cannot come up with rent and a security deposit to move in 4 months, either together or on our own.

I am desperate to find a way to stay here and not have to move again. Any suggestions on how to approach this matter with a positive outcome, as in getting him to let us stay? My thoughts were to approach him and ask that he reconsider. That she would stay out of the dumpsters and that any future communications would be dealt with through me.

Thank you in advance.
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Postby lofter1 » Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:04 pm

Your plan might work -- especially the part where ALL communications come from you to management -- but do you think you can monitor / control your roommate in a way that won't further aggravate the LL?

And will this LL ever perform required Maintenance / Repairs? Or are they just bums who collect the rent and do nothing else?

I find that the less "face time" I have with the management of my building the better -- and now I do 99.999% of communications via email, faxes, phone messages. This also documents that a specific request (for Repair or whatever) has been made -- something that verbal / face-to-face communication does not do.
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Postby BooD » Fri Feb 13, 2009 8:33 am

Thanks so much for your reply!

Yes, I do think I could control her. She is very remorseful over what happened. She is going to speak with her therapist today and see if she will make a call on her behalf or write a letter. Something to explain the behaviors. Not to condone, but to give some sort of reasoning behind them.

As far as repairs, HA, they dont happen for anyone around here! People get tired of waiting to see if they will do anything. They just move. Turnover is huge here.

One concern I do have over the conditions I mentioned, is that I would have no guarantee come the end of the lease he will follow through on his end.

Aside from the issues she has had when going to the office, we are great tenants compared to a great many here.
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