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Tenant rights in NY

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Tenant rights in NY

Postby noodles » Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:29 pm

I am writing on behalf of a friend that has no computer right now. She has been renting an apt ( I don't know if it is legal-doubt it as it a 2nd floor with landlord downstairs in a single family house on LI). Her lease is up in 10 days and she had spoken to the landlord and originally he said they could renew the lease. Then he changed that to a month to month. Now he has told her she has to be out in 10 days and he is changing the locks that very day, whether she is out or not. He also told her he has a relative that is a sheriff and he will have her served papers for eviction NOW. Not even after the lease is up. I told her it would take him time to evict her and he needs to have grounds to have her served before the lease is up. Her rent is paid up. She is eager to move and be done with him but she said she knows he will keep the security even though there has been no damage to the apt. He is being crazy. But she feels she will leave with a clear conscience and it is not worth fighting for the security. He has her intimidated. He is forcing her to park away from the house, he will not allow her to have company even for a few hours without harassing her. He watches her come and go and has her frightened. Unfortunately, she will not have the money for security on another place! I want to help her out and let her know her rights but I am unable to find a good site that tells renters rights in NYS. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I need rights that even address the landlord entering her apt when she is at work. Thank you in advance!
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