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Nightmare Situation, Please help!

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Nightmare Situation, Please help!

Postby BadHouse1 » Thu May 31, 2012 8:45 pm

I'm going to try and keep this very simple as the story is 8 months long. I know this is a long post but there is alot of info.

- My mother and i found a house which we were to purchase.
- The seller was unable to get her paperwork in order so we agreed to rent it from her until she did.
- We hired an inspector, survey, appraisal, etc as we were 100% planning to buy the house.
- Everything was fine until the discovery where we learned the sellers paperwork was problematic. Thats when we decided to rent from her.

- We moved in and started to notice many thing wrong with the house that our inspector either ignored or didn't check. Serious things such as the foundation being missing and replaced with bricks, rocks, and wood. (and countless other things)
- We told the seller (at this point the landlord) we were not going to buy her house.
- The "contract" to purchase the house was canceled. Neither of us were obligated to anything.
- She then filed an eviction notice to get us out so she could try to sell it to someone else.
- We had not looked for new housing up until we told her we weren't buying the house and had nothing lined up.
- The eviction was settled in the court building with lawyers but we did NOT go before the judge. We came to an agreement and that was that. We agreed to be out by June 30th.
- Now applying for a mortgage, the bank is asking for a rent verification form. This form says we've paid our rent, everything is great, etc.
- All rent is and has been paid. Never late, never incomplete, 100% according to the rental agreement. The landlord doesn't deny this she just wont sign the form.

- The landlord is refusing to sign this paper. This is likely out of spite. (She is 85 and COMPLETELY batshit crazy)

- According to the real estate lawyer this eviction attempt will show up on a credit report and is public record. This will likely prevent us rending from an apartment complex.

Does anyone have some advice on how to proceed?

Thank you so much in advance. We're pretty desperate.
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Postby ronin » Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:35 am

Well, that's just a big mess you got into. You are in the tenant blacklist and also messing up your mortgage profile...

Frankly, you should have waited until you found a new place before telling her you weren't going to buy anymore. That would have kept her from filing against you in housing court.

But the question of what you could do now?? I dunno. Maybe a really experienced broker has run into this before and could help you out. They really have the incentive to help you out so they can get their cut of any deal you might get.

Best I have to offer here. But look at the bright side. No matter what you didn't buy a lemon of a house that your "inspector" failed to notice was a lemon.

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Postby TenantNet » Thu Jun 07, 2012 2:11 am

Ronin, I don't think there's a tenant blacklist outside of NYC (at least not in the way it's done here where Housing Ct. info is sold to companies). OTOH, there is no Housing Court outside of NYC. Evictions would be handled by local courts or county courts. All that info is public info anyway, but it requires someone to actually look it up.
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