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Breech of Verbal Agreement

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Breech of Verbal Agreement

Postby cbrucey3 » Sat Mar 16, 2002 4:22 pm

In February 2001 it came to my attention that a long time acquaintance of mine was looking for a possible tenant in his 1 family home. It was stated that his intention was to renovate the entire basement area for dwelling. In speaking with this acquaintance I expressed my desire to leave my present living situation as soon as possible. Acquaintance stated that he intended to have the basement apt. ready within a "few" months and that I could move into his attic area until work was completed.I complied and assumed occupancy of the attic area on March 1 2001.To condense this story.......as of this writing 3/16/02, work has not even begun in the basement, with very little explaination offered by LL. Aside from this, LL proceeded to "nit-pick" about things around the house.Earlier this month he now alleges that his utility bills are sky high and wants to raise the rent by $100. LL has yet to offer a completion date for the basement. I spend very little time there due to my extensive work schedule and basically feel that the new amount he is asking for (from $500 to $600)is unreasonable for this limited area of domain that I presently occupy. Primarily, he has failed to honor our agreement.I truly feelused.
Please advise.
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Re: Breech of Verbal Agreement

Postby ChrisG » Sat Mar 16, 2002 8:22 pm

i say, just move out. you have no written agreement, so by default you are a month-to-month tenant. but it sounds like since you were friends with the LL before you moved in that everything has proceeded from a personal basis and not a professional one. i bet if you just up and moved out he wouldn't bother to pursue anything further. you could give him 30 days notice to be safe.

this guy is obviously not a professional landlord and didn't understand what would be involved with having a tenant. and with no lease he has no way of keeping you there longer than a month. i'd just find a place that offers actual leases.
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