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lease says: Heat not included, LL ask arbitrary amount

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lease says: Heat not included, LL ask arbitrary amount

Postby colababy » Fri Jun 23, 2006 12:13 pm

I know that LL needs to provide certain amount of heat, but what if I have to pay for it? He says heating isn't included in the rent, and gave a random amount of money I need to pay in the heat season and won't show me a bill, and says I need to pay that amount to him (for 3-bedroom apt, over over $1300 a year for heat). The lease was ambiguous about this point, and they promised I'd get my own meter and heating bill.
I already signed the lease and gave deposit but my cosigner didn't sign yet. Why should I pay the heat bill without getting a bill? Without being able to control the temperature?
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Postby Downtown » Sat Jun 24, 2006 9:55 am

Are you sure this is even a legal unit....your apt. is not on a seperate meter. Go to www.nyc.gov Building Dept, enter address and see what registration is.
If apt. not legal then lease is not valid and rent/deposit must be returned.
Without a seperate meter, no way LL can officially figure out what should be your share. Nor should you agree to this.
Not illegal to have tenant pay for heat (I do, but have own meter and can control).
If a co-signer is necessary to get apt., just tell LL your's backed out. [This is only if apt. legal.]
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