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Constantly blowing fuses

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Constantly blowing fuses

Postby <K.> » Thu Apr 11, 2002 4:23 pm

I was wondering if there is some sort of law limiting me on electric equipment usage.
I live in a pre-war building and my fuses blow up very often, especially if two or more appliances are on at the same time. For example - I can't use the microwave oven, if my computer is on, which means I either work, or eat. I bought an air conditioner and am now afraid I won't be able to use it at all. What are my landlord's responsibilities in this case and is there anything I can do about it?
Thank you!

Re: Constantly blowing fuses

Postby <Red Zephyr> » Thu Apr 11, 2002 9:41 pm

Yes, there are laws that limit how many electrical appliances you can use at once: The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics. The Laws of Physics also come into play here.

To make it easy to figure out how many appliances is too many, keep this handy formula in mind. Maximum watts on a circuit = Amps x Voltage

In plain english, each of your appliances should have a label somewhere that tells you the number of watts it uses. The fuses you use all have an "Amp" rating - most likely 15 amps. And 120 volts in standard in the USA. 15 amps times 120 volts means the MAXIMUM wattage for that circuit is 1800 watts.

Appliances that create heat in any form are always watt hogs. Get up in the morning, turn on the toaster and coffee maker and run a hair dryer and you've gone well over the limit, causing the fuse to blow if they're all on the same circuit.

Newer apartments have circuit breakers and more circuits per apartment, making blow outs less common. Old apartments would not meet current electrical codes but as the codes change every 2 years or so all existing apartments are "grandfathered" in.
<Red Zephyr>

Re: Constantly blowing fuses

Postby <astor> » Fri Apr 12, 2002 10:40 am

I will repost this:

The landlord has no responsibilty in this matter...........

This gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn about home maintenence, YOU must find the fuse box and then take out the fuses one by one and find which outlets they are connected to.

So now you know that where you plug in the computer is on the same line as your microwave, so you will have to buy a GOOD long 25' or more extention cord to run your computer to another outlet.

And Always plug the AC in the closest outlet, because if you use a long extention cord for your AC, it will work harder and cost you more money while cooling less, its because of a power loss in the line cord.

Then wire all your other things to other outlets. I had to run my stereo tv and other things to an outlet in the bedroom, you run the wire in back of the couch tape it down so noone trips over it , you can get good 25 foot extention cords for $10-15 at Home Depot .......and if you look you might find Black ones.... I know they have them at Metropolitan Lumber ....

Old apartments are NOT designed for modern usage.

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