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Kicking out roommate who is on lease?

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Kicking out roommate who is on lease?

Postby lizstar319 » Fri Nov 13, 2009 4:11 pm

Two roomies and I just moved into an apartment on Sept. 15th. This was our first time living together. One of the roomies and I get along great - we have similar lifestyles, values, habits, schedules, etc. The other roommate is a nightmare - we were friends with her but that old adage about never really knowing someone until you live with them has reared it's ugly head.

Without going down the whole list of her transgressions...suffice to say, we no longer want to live with her. We're trying to resolve the problems in a civil manner but she is not responding. I honestly believe that she is never going to change her ways.

All 3 of us are on the lease, and our guarantors (parents and/or family member - one for each of us) are not only named as guarantors, but they are on the lease as well. Is there a way to legally kick her out? I have a friend who would be interested in taking her place.
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