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Postby mommyr2d2 » Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:27 pm

I live in a 2 family home the landlord live below
me. I had bed bugs. The landlord first promised to
fix the problem then later changed their mind. I
call the building department and after a couple of
days the landlord did hire an exterminator. Please
note I have not been able to find the exact law
that states that the landlord is responsible. I
have been served a 3 day notice (i withheld the
rent and pay the 2 months in arrears)the landlord
is also requesting that I pay for the
exterminator. The landlord had one of his acting
agent call me at work harassing me stating that it
was my responsible and screaming at me because the
building department was requiring them to take
care of the problem. I live in the Westchester
Mother is always there.
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