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Can LL refuse guests or 1 roommate?

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Can LL refuse guests or 1 roommate?

Postby an0n » Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:00 pm

Suppose that I signed the lease for a 1BR in my sole name, and that I want:
(a) 1 temporary roommate (ex-boyfriend) for a few months who will pay rent directly to me;
(b) occasional overnight guests (friends) who will not pay rent.

This seems a pretty basic right, but can LL refuse (a) and/or (b), and potentially sue/evict me if I don't comply?

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Postby TenantNet » Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:29 pm

In our view it's none of the landlord's business if you want a roommate or guest. Look at the roommate law (in the reference section or just search the website).

You don't really have to even tell the LL about the roommate unless they ask (at which time the only information you have to tell the LL is the name of the roommate, nothing more). The nature of the roommate's relationship to you is none of the LL's business.

Keep in mind that sublets are different and do depend on LL approval. And there are limits as to the number of roommates or occupants.

But roommates, which by definition is when the roommate and prime tenant both occupy the unit simultaneously, are up to you.

As for occasional overnight guests, that to is up to you.

Having said all that, remember that as an unregulated tenant, the LL can refuse to renew your lease the next time it comes up. You do not have RS protections. So if it's a big deal and if you want to stay there, consider the consequences. There is the anti-retaliation law, but it does not have a lot of teeth.
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