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Moved Out Early per LL Verbal Requests - Rent Refund Owed?

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Moved Out Early per LL Verbal Requests - Rent Refund Owed?

Postby waitforme » Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:16 pm

Hi -
We paid out last month in full but LL really wanted us to leave asap so he could get in there and do repairs, prep for re-leasing.
He spoke/asked/emailed us several times as soon as we gave notice.
We hustled to get out a full week early for him but now he refuses to give us rent rebate.

Sadly, nothing was in writing but I'm hoping this might fall under "verbal contract" .
1. Spouse told him we would try to accommodate LL and leave early and wanted to discuss rent refund in exchange (LL never responded directly to that statement but he did keep pushing us to leave early).

2. When we moved in, we did so a few days early which we were charged for (though that was not written into lease).

Do we have a leg to stand on, regarding pressing the issue?

Thank you!
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