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Lease renewal question

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Lease renewal question

Postby ssergey » Wed Jun 26, 2002 11:04 am

I live in Brooklyn, NY. My lease expires August 1st but my landlord didn't send me neither lease renewal nor move out notice. What should I do? I don't know if my apartment is rent controlled or stabilized or anything. Does my landlord have legal rights to ask me to move out after lease expires without prior notices? If not how much can he increase the lease? How much can he increase it if i tell him i want to take a roommate? Thank you very much.
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Re: Lease renewal question

Postby mjr203 » Wed Jun 26, 2002 2:26 pm

you can find if your building is stabilized on www.housingnyc.com (though this is not proof)

there are general guidelines as to whether a building might be stabilized though... "In general, if the building was built prior to 1974, if it contains six or more units and is not a coop, then there's a good chance the unit should be regulated."

Why haven't you spoken to your LL?
most Landlords suck it.
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