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Shaking Floor Issue (in CA)

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Shaking Floor Issue (in CA)

Postby TylerSD » Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:14 pm


I moved into a large apartment complex in the San Diego area. When someone walks in our apartment, things shake (can see computer monitor visibly shake, and hear rattling of pans). This even happens with my 120 lb wife. Even more annoying and peculiar is the floor shakes when our neighbors below us walk in their apartment. This is frequent and unsettling and feels like small earthquakes. Any thoughts on what is causing this and what we can do? We've lived above others in past apartments and have never experienced this.

- Apartment is not that old (built around 2000), is in a nice area, is not cheap ($2100 for 2 bd/2ba), and is managed by large apartment company
- Our floor has new carpeting
- The noise insulation does not appear good here -- we frequently hear the neighbors below us (talking, music/tv), as well as people in the hallway and walking the stairs.
- We reported to management, and they said there is nothing they can do about something related to building construction, and noise is common with apartment living. They claim they have not received any other reports of this from my unit or any other unit.

If nothing can be done about this, at the very least I feel like we should get a rent reduction, since this is an unusual problem and reduces our ability to enjoy our apartment. Thoughts?

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