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RE manager does nothing about threatening neighbor

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RE manager does nothing about threatening neighbor

Postby iditarod656 » Thu Dec 10, 2015 7:14 pm

I live in a condominium complex, and my problem neighbors and I share the same RE manager. We have different owners. The HOA here is the do-nothing type.

There have been ongoing problems with boom car partying. I've now been threatened by this neighbor's friend because I attempted to document one of their boom car parties. he stood in front of our condo and screamed threats of violence at us, then left when we did not respond.

We called the police, but they would not open the door to the police, and they told us to go to the HOA.

Ok, yesterday morning I told my Re manager about it, and this ended with them screaming at me in front of him. The guy admitted to the RE manager, right in front of both of us, that he threatened me because I tried to document their boom car party. Ok, there actually is an HOA rule against loud / noisy vehicles, and also a city ordinance against noise that can be hear clearly farther than 50 feet away.

They also clearly stated that they had no intention of changing their boom car party habits, even despite all the rules against it. They even told me I need to move if I don't like it, to a retirement community. Right in front of the RE manager.

When the screaming and yelling was finished, my RE manger said something horrible to me about people of their race, which I find to be rather lackluster - he said that people of that race tend to make threats like that as a matter of course. Basically he was saying I should not take it seriously.

Excuse me, he's already attacked a neighbor, and also threatened a security guard. And no, it's this group of guys, not their whole race.

My RE manager is not enforcing the HOA rules. He just makes weak admonishments to them to stop being noisy. At this point something stronger is needed.

I'd appreciate ideas about what my rights are, what his responsibilities are. What should he really be doing to solve this problem?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Ps: I live in Nevada.
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