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my rent does not match the reported rent history

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my rent does not match the reported rent history

Postby lala399 » Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:21 pm

I just received my rent history for my rent stabalized apartment, and it does not match what I pay. What does this mean, and what can I do about it.
legal rent prefer. rent
2013 (previous tenant) $762.93
2014 (me) around $1200 I actually paid $1600
2015 (me) around $1210 I actually paid $1650
2016 (me) $2700.00 i actuallly paid $1650 $1700
2017 *reg not found for subject premises

I am still paying $1650.
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Re: my rent does not match the reported rent history

Postby TenantNet » Fri Jul 20, 2018 5:15 am

It's not a good idea to post the actual amounts you're being charged and/or paying on the internet. See the Forum Rules (above) for extended remarks.

So far this page has been viewed by 8 different people. Who knows if one of those is your LL? We suggest putting general amounts on any public page and saving the actual amounts to any private mail.

As for your situation, it can be difficult to be specific without looking at actual leases and registrations. One has to see the dates a lease starts and ends. The rent history helps, but remember, the DHCR rent history is just what the LL reports to DHCR, and often is false.

We can offer some general observations. What caused the jump from the 2013 tenant to your first rent? It appears the rent doubled. How was that calculated (it should be on the DHCR rider attached to your first lease).

Your list is confusing, you say in 2014 the rent was $1100 but you paid $1550. Was $1100 the legal rent? or the preferential rent? Was there a preferential rent rider attached to the lease and to each subsequent renewal?

What date did you move in? Remember you have four years that DHCR will look back as to "rent events." If beyond the 4 years, any problems with the initial rents will be ignored by DHCR unless there's a very clear showing of fraud.

You can calculate the RGB increases from 2014 until now. But this appears to be a big mess.

How in the hell did the rent jump from $1114 to $2700 while you were in occupancy? Then you added another amount at the end of the line? Makes no sense.

The 2017 registration should have been filed by July 31, 2017.

1. Get a complete assessment of the history using ALL available documents, on a month-by-month basis, what was charged and what was paid -- and how any jumps were calculated. You probably will need someone who knows this stuff to do that. Look for a legal clinic in your area.

2. Do it ASAP as you are close - if not over - the 4 year limit.

3. Do not talk to the LL. Do it in writing, send using Cert RRR or Certificate of Mailing as the case calls for. You need to establish a record.

4. All rent checks, earmark by writing "rent in full for July 2018, no other months"

5. Don't worry about not having a lease renewal. If you are really rent stab, then you should be protected. Your legal rent can't increase without a proper lease renewal. Also, no registration, then rent should not be able to be increased.

6. If they send a lease renewal offer, make sure it's correct. Sign and return using Cert RRR. Do not sign anything but the RTP-8 form. All renewals must be on this form.
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