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Who pays for/installs replacement appliance parts?

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Who pays for/installs replacement appliance parts?

Postby renter256 » Mon Feb 25, 2019 5:23 pm

Is it standard/reasonable to expect the landlord to replace appliance parts that need periodic replacements as part of normal wear and tear?

I'm specifically thinking about :

- range hood filter for a ductless range hood*
- A/C filters
- appliance light bulbs (e.g. fridge bulb)
- ceiling light bulbs (particularly recessed and track lighting that don't use standard bulbs)

I asked our super for a range hood filter; he told me to buy my own and management will take it off my rent. My feeling was, "That's great that I don't have to pay for the new part, but as a renter I shouldn't have to deal with figuring out what the replacement item is and going to buy it either. Also, don't you guys have 56 units in the building whose filters need to be replaced at least once a year, so shouldn't you just have some in stock?"

* we just discovered that our range hood is ductless and therefore requires a charcoal filter that must be changed every 12 months or less, depending how much you cook. We've been in the building for almost five years, we cook all the time, and we never knew anything about this. Neither do most of our neighbors, according responses from a post I made to our building facebook group.
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Re: Who pays for/installs replacement appliance parts?

Postby TenantNet » Mon Feb 25, 2019 6:10 pm

You pay rent for the 4 walls and appliances included. You don't say if you are rent stab (and you should investigate if you should be RS), but if not, then your lease controls. There's no question this would be covered by RS ... not so sure about unregulated units.

A year ago, the light bulb in my refrigerator went out after 30 years. I asked the Super for a new one. He balked. I explained to him that I am renting the refrigerator and it's the LL's obligation to maintain the appliances. The bulb was part of the refrigerator, not a table lamp.

I don't know about the ceiling light bulbs. I would think if they are integral to the unit, they should be covered. Regular lamps for table lights or fluorescent fixtures likely would not.
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