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Can landlord charge me to FULLY Paint apt after move out?

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Can landlord charge me to FULLY Paint apt after move out?

Postby Atlanta-Renter » Wed Jun 19, 2013 5:51 pm

This is what Georgia law says: "All or part of the security deposit may be retained by the landlord as compensation for physical damage caused to the premises by the tenant, members of the tenant's household, pets, or guests. The tenant can be charged for damage caused by negligent or careless acts and for damages due to accident or abuse of the property. The landlord can charge the tenant for the loss caused by their damage. For example, if the tenant damaged a ten-year-old carpet so that it could no longer be used, the tenant should be charged for the value of the ten-year-old carpet and not for the cost of the new replacement carpet. A landlord cannot retain a security deposit to cover normal wear and tear which occurs as a result of the tenant using the property for its intended purpose."

So how can my landlord, AIMCO who owns Peachtree Park Apts in Atlanta, GA, try to charge me $200 to FULLY PAINT my apartment after I vacate? That seems like "betterment" and "improvement" of which they will see future financial benefit and not a cost that can be charged to a vacating tenant. Am I right? Please help.
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Postby TenantNet » Wed Jun 19, 2013 5:57 pm

Wear and Tear is what happens when you live in an apartment, and that is what you pay rent for.

Sec. Deposits are for damages that occur when you misuse something or don't use it in the intended way it was meant.

Painting is for normal wear and tear, not damages.

Some tenants withhold the last months rent if they think the LL might pull such shenanigans. But be careful as each locality has different law on this. Make sure the place is clean when you vacate. Take copious photos, get a walk-through and have a witness.
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