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Nolo's Fast Facts: A Landlord's Right of Entry.
Here are answers to frequently asked questions about tenants' rights.

How to Get Neighbors to Turn Down the Volume.
Don't give up -- the law can help.

Mediation and Resolving Disputes

Getting the Other Side to the Table
Even if you think the other side will never negotiate with you, a mediator can help.

When Mediation Can Help
When is mediation better than a lawsuit? You may be surprised

How Mediation Really Works
Sure, mediation is informal, but it's also carefully structured. Knowing what to expect will help you

Legal Research

Taking the Mystery Out of Legal Research.
Expert legal researcher Bob Berring offers tips on braving the law library.

When There's No Nolo Book--Research It Yourself.
Taking on a legal task yourself is harder--but by no means impossible--if there's no self-help book to guide you.

Using the Law at Work: Finding the Answers Yourself.
Many of us need legal information at work. Here's how to get quick answers to you questions.

Online Legal Advice: Let the Browser Beware.
Is free legal advice worth exactly what you pay for it? Some tips to help you decide for yourself.

Doing it Yourself and Getting Help

Represent Yourself in Court: Is It Really Like Doing Your Own Brain Surgery?
Law school doesn't teach you common sense, how to ask good questions, or how to be believeable. These skills--and some good guidance about what to expect--are often all you need to handle your own case.

Legal Coaches: Getting Affordable Help From Lawyers.
Even if you don't hire a lawyer to handle your case kit and caboodle, it may help to sign one on as a legal coach to cheer you on your way.

Represent Yourself in Court: If You Don't Go to Trial.
Perry Mason made it look so easy. And he looked great in hats. But the truth is, most lawsuits are resolved without ever going to trial. Put your stock in the legal Ations--arbitration, mediation, negotiation.

Going It Alone in Court -- When the Other Side Has a Lawyer.
Here's how to hold your own if the other side shows up in court with a hired gun.

Flak-Catching With the Lawyerless.
Pro pers (pro se) suffer unsung discrimination. Every legal cockalorum labels them as nonlawyers. Then they are subjected to petualant court clerks and mean-spirited judges. Good manners should begin in the courtroom.

Bill Collecting and Small Claims Court

When the landlord comes after "unpaid" rent after you vacate)
or when you go after the landlord for the unreturned security deposit

You Can Do It: Handling Your Own Claim.
Odds are you can take more money home if you pursue your claim yourself.

Writing a Demand Letter That Gets Results.
If you play your cards right, you can win without ever going to court.

Courts Steer Small Claims Out the Door.
If you sign up for small claims court, you may get mediation instead.

Small Claims, Small Business.
Whether it's an unpaid bill or another beef, small businesses shouldn't forget small claims court.

Turning Paper Into Cash: 10 Tips on Collecting After You Win a Lawsuit.
After you win in court, you still have to collect your money. Here's how to avoid frustration.

Collecting After You Win: You're on Your Own.
If you win, it's up to you--not the court--to get the loser to pay up.

Nolo's Fast Facts: Debt Collectors.
Here are answers to frequently asked questions about dealing with debt collectors.

Ten Things Bill Collectors Don't Want You to Know.
If you're onto bill collectors' tactics, you can resist their pressures and negotiate a sensible repayment plan.

Five Common Myths About Suing for a Bad Debt.
Contrary to what you may have heard, it often makes sense for a small business to sue debtors in small claims court.


What You Should Expect From a Lawyer.
Dissatisfied with your lawyer? You're not alone. Here are some rules to follow when hiring a lawyer.

Mad About Lawyers & What to do When You're Mad.
Here's what you can do when you think your lawyer is dropping the ball.

When You're in Court...

10 Tips for Staying Sane In Court.
The courtroom -- sometimes there's no avoiding it. Guidance on taking the pain out of having your day in court.

Lying in Court.
A judge reflects on lying in court and concluded that if people didn't lie, we wouldn't need juries.

Jury Trials--Reasonable Minds May Differ.
Some solid advice to keep your jury trial from being a trial by fire.

Why Lawyers Make Bad Judges.
Lawyers are trained to get the judge into their hip pockets -- and then they become one. Why just plain folks would make the best judges.

Legal Reform

Professor Newt's Contract With Corporations.
Don't get your hopes up if you hear that the Contract With America is going to reform the legal system.

A First Amendment Atrocity.
Lawyers love to fend off the competition by hiding behind unauthorized practice of law restrictions. That may violate the Constitution.

Lawyers Lose a Round Against Competitors.
Two Florida judges have ruled that it's unconstitutional to make it a crime for anyone but lawyers to practice law--at least without defining "practicing law".

29 Reasons Not to Go to Law School.
We've updated our collection of only somewhat tongue-in-cheek reasons to avoid law school.

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